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Related article: Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2010 21:29:09 -0700 (PDT) From: Peanut Shields Subject: Fearless part 4 chapter 1Ryan: Nate hasnt called me and i have had my phone out since. He didnt go to school yesterday and im starting to get nervous. I texted him over 30 times and he wont answer. I even went to his house and his mom said he hasnt been home. I was so worried that i even asked his friends if they have seen him. Nobody knows where he went. Another day passed and i finally got a text from Nate "I sorry Ry im really busy lately" "I texted back asking where he was and he said that he would be home tonight.I packed a pair of cloths and i went to his house to wait for him. I was in his room walking back and forth worried if he was going to show up or not. I heard his door slam. "Nate?" "Yeah" "Where the hell have you been?" "Sit Down" he didnt sound angry more concerned "Nathan i missed you so much, school wasnt the same." "Ok Ryan the truth is i dont have aids" i hugged him "Thats good Nate" "But there is something" "What" "I had a penile infection and i needed to get it removed" "Ok how" "Well i was in the/ hospital thats why i didnt call. I told my mom to keep this from you cause you know how you get" "Yeah i do so what now?" "I cant have sex for two more days so that means i wont be able to well you know till our camping trip." "Its ok" "I'm also a little sore forbbiden sites preteen lolita down there so be a little careful" "ok i wont harm you at all" "Well im sorry but im really tiered" "Ok well do you want me to leave?" "No, but there is something you can do. Please go get checked for herpes or aids cause we did have sex once before i told you and i dont want to hurt you no more so please do this for me" "ok ill go get checked. do you want me to sleep on the floor?" "No!" "ok then" "Get up here on the bed with me." "But what about your.." "Its fine and your love will heal it" "I Love you Nathan Snedden" "I love you too." we laid there and some what cuddled the rest of the night.The following day i went to my family doctor, alone cause i can finally drive. " Dr. Decertis cn you do me a favor" "sure but yor check up is not for another week or soo" "yeah i know, its not that i just no nude lolita sites wanted you to check me" "for what exactly?" "Well i have been sexually active and the person im sleeping with had a infection and im worried." "oh...well ok then, that was unexpected. Have you used protection?" "well yeah occassionally" "how exactly" "Huh well we use condoms during like regular sex ut as for oral we are scotch free" "Wel thats not good you can be harvesting diseases in you right now" "oh wow, now that was unexpected" i did the usual trousers down thing and he took an look teen lolita russia girls at me "Well your front is fine it seems that your healthy" "well can you check the back too?" (i cant believe that im actually telling my doctor im gay) "ok" i bent over and he stuck his finger where only nate him self is allowed. "there seems to be some swelling but luckly its not your prostate." ill write a perscription for some cream that will clear up lolitas nude and busty the swelling and there seems to be rash but the cream will cover that too" what kind of rash" "an irration rash, dont worry just have your boyfriend rub the cream on the inside and outside and you should be fine by tomorrow if you get it today" "thankyou Dr. Decertis" "anytime" "see you when ever" I walked out and got into the car. My phone started to go off" I pulled in the nearest gs station cause i had to pee my phone went off again. the first message said "Hey ry c u at my place at 5" the second one said "i think we should go out tonight" i finally texted back and said "will you pick me up i dont have a car" "Of course ry, dont have to ask me twice." "ok ttyl need to go luv you" "Love you more" "dont think so and we need to talk later bye"I finally got home it was still noonish so i had plenty of time before my date with nate. I guess ill take a quick shower or nap. And i need to apply that cream, Huh im so tiered but what the hell. i took a quick shower and applied the cream and took a nap, i had 2 hrs before my date and im exhausted.Nate:i have this night perfectly planned out. First we will go to his favorite restaurant, than we will stop at the lake house and last but not least my house cause my parents are away again so we preteen lolitas bbs link have the house to ourselves. Huh after tonight its the big camping trip i cant wait to be with ryan in Jared's log cabin huh fun. I wonder what he is doing now. well anyway i better get ready. I quickly threw together random cloths and this special lumber jack cut off that Ryan loves. There is also this pink underwear that has two cherries on it and well its gonna be a fun night. I called Jared and he told me that he had rooms made for us since we all are going with another person if you know what i mean ha ha. I packed what i wanted and decided to text Ry We still have a date tonight but i feel so alone. ... i Quickly lit a few candles in my bathroom and turned the water on, oh this is gonna be one awesome night. i plulled in my car and quickly went to pick up ry. When i pulled in his lot,his...his face was stunning, the way it shined in the moonlight. My dick keeps jumping in my pants. "Hey..." "Hi.." the car ride lolitas nude and busty was quiet. When we got to my house it was completely dark except my room. My dog avi ran up to ry and started licking him. I pulled him off and we rushed up to my room with ry's suit case. "Ok come on in here" i took him in the bathroom and started to strip him "Nate what the hell" "Come on im horny" we both stripped to nothing in my bathroom, "Nate am i supposed to go in first or you?" "i dont know i never done this" "Well i think i should but you sitting on me might hurt a smidge." "Ok then" i got in first and Ry sat on my nude preteens kids lolitas lap. "nate your dick is practically up my ass" "I like that" "pig" i started to kiss his neck and he was rubbing my thigh. He flipped around and i could feel his hard dick on mine. God this was heaven i didnt want it to end. He started to suck on my biceps "Wow Nate you must be working out again" he made me blush "So nate is your...friend still ill?" "What...oh ummm no he seems to be bigger and stronger than usual" "Well" "well what?" "Do you wanna have some fun" "What kind of fun?" "Youll see" "and you say im the pig" "Close your eyes" i closed my eyes and i felt something familiar. It felt really good. I opened my eyes and Ry was gone. I started to panic and sprang up, thats when i hit something. "Oh ugghhh ow god nate a little warning" "im sorry it felt good and i didnt see you we continue?" "Your a jerk" "I love ya" he took a breath and went back down. i guided his head with my hands. His hair seemed longer. It was soo hot he wasnt able to go completely down but i felt the back of his throat. I pulled hum up. "Soo why dont you tell me about the past since i told you about mylittle sex craves" "You mean with jared Aj and Cj?" "What you were with Aj tooo?" "yeah, ill explain" FLASHBACK: Ry; i walked sexy little nymphet lolita into the locker room per 1 where out of nowhere james and Aj came out of the corner stalls. One was behind me the other in front "So Ry are you ready?" "For what Aj?" "For the best fuck of your life" "Please let me go" "Ahh James little fag wnts to leave our hard dicks all alone" "Ok Ry you have a choice blow us or we double fuck you" i didnt want to feel 2dicks up my ass so i got on my knees. "you'll start with James" I moved over to james "Hey you don't have to if you don't want to" "Good god thanks" "Hey just cause your not blowing james doesnt mean your not lowing me" "Hey Aj calm down i work with Ry i like him" "Fine whatever have you seen that freshmen i want to fuck soo bad" "No" "whatever" james and i walked out, "So how are you liking your job?" "Its fun" "Wait till you see earl and her hot cocks" "don't you mean hot cakes?" "If only you knew" "Ummm ok ha ha" "So how do you feel about skipping and going to Friendly's its that free ice cream day" "Sure" you never have to ask me twice i got up and left with him. I hardly knew him i only know that he is really hot and that he is smart and works with me. I remember working with him and him grinding into me. He said it was n accident and i always assumed it was cause i was stupid back then. Well He has been in my Gym class and now that i think about it he has been staring at me. I stared at him to but hey i can't help it. As for Aj he made fun of me any chance he got. I hate him every day but he did have a nice ass. However he stared at me and waited for me to look back just to make fun of me. I hated him sooo much.james: "So Ry what kind of ice cream do you like?" "I love ice cream. I dont have one particular flavor though how about you?" "I don't know ha ha im really not fond of ice cream" "Then why go?" "To spend time with you" "Really why?" "Cause i sorta like you" russian 12 yo lolita I smiled at him and he leaned in to kiss me. i wasnt sure what i wanted to do i liked him but i love Nate. "wait James" "What did i do something wrong?" "No it's just that i had a boyfriend and lolitas nude and busty i really love hime i like you but i don't know if i just want sex or if i want to move on" "Well i'll tell you how i feel" "ok" "i truthfully don't want to make a relationship cause im a senior your a sophomore" "Ok that hurt a little" "I mean i just don't want to go to college and have people hanging over my cock just cause they want sex, when at the same time ill have a boyfriend who won't graduate for 2 yrs. I don't want to hurt you" "Thats sweet" "But that doessn't mean we can't have some fun" "James Carty you are just like....." "What?" "Nothing i didn't mean to say anything" russian 12 yo lolita "So you never gave me that blowjob" "What!!!!!" "come on it will be fun" For you" "Please come on work buddy" "Fine" "Sweet" "Wait when?" "Now" "Not in the car driving you might CRASH" "no i won't " "I don't know" "Come on."Ry: He pulled his shorts down just so his underwear can be seen from the looks of it he had a decent cock "if you don't mind how" "8 and a half" "Not bad not bad" "What do you mean?" "Seen bigger" "Whore" "Bitch" "Ha ha whose is bigger cause Aj is only 7 inches" "I rather not say" I move closer to him he had to adjust to my head being their due to hard steering. I kissed his dick and it twitched. "Oh god im getting hard" I grabbed his cock out of his pants and he was ooozzzzinng a lot "God put it in your mouth" i pluged his dick in my mouth and he started moaning there was a red light The guy in the next car looked over at us.Present:Nate: "You slept with James?" "Yeah" "Who else?" "Jared, we did some shit at his house with Tim and you know about Cj" "Yeah why Cj?" "Spur of the moment" "ok well i feel a little betrayed" "Nate.....your one to talk" "Yeah i know but you are supposed to be good" "I know i know" "Well since we are laying here naked lets have some fun your story got me excited" "No im really tiered" "Ok" "Besides we have that trip tomorrow you dip" "Give you dip a kiss" "No he smells funky" "We just bathed" "Yeah but you are weird" "I love you to" "Nate to tell you the truth im only with you cause james was dating a girl at the same time, otherwise i would be with him right now, not saying i dont like us, saying im happy its this way" "Thanks Babe" i kissed loli girls pink portal his forehead and he curled up and slept.The next day we decided to skip school since we are going on that trip, so i decided to take Ryan out for lunch. "where are we going?""an italian resturante" "really? i have no money though" "ill pay for you" "i feel bad though" "its your eyes are hawt" "your body is hot" "ha ha i know ive been hittin the gym." "your muscles are huge" "i can bench 2 of you" "your an air head" "i know i....wait what?" "nothing ha ha" We ate and laughed "So..." "sooo?" "Wanna have sex" "Maybe" "Please" "Fine...." "Really?" "Yeah sure" "Ok what do you wana do?" "Nate i dont know" "How about a blowjob" "Handjob" "Ughhh. umm i fuck you" " Jack it your self" "Fine...." "Good ha ha" "Your in a pissy mood" we got out of my car, i leaned over "Whats wrong" "I just have a bad feeling about something" "What?" "i dont know" i started to bite his ear. "Lets go upstairs" "Your a horny bastard" "And your my little bitch" "Well since everything is ready i guess we can have some fun"Ry: He had a grin on his face like a kid in a candy store "your face is scaring me" He picked me up and took me to his room. "Geeze Nate slow down!" "Im toooo horny" "Well sslow down please, you starting to hurt me" "Im sorry...maybe we should wait?" "Yeah i guess." "I'm sorry" "Its all right.....Why are you so aggressive and clingy latley?" "Im just horny.....and afraid" "Afraid of?" "The future" "What do you mean?" "Im graduating in like 2 months..and your not" "Oh..yeah i know" "Im just afraid of what the future might hold" "i know......" "Wehave an hour still" "well Do you wanna do something" "Yes....but lets just sleep i want you next to me" "Ok Natey" "Why do you call me that again?" "I dont remember" "Well its weird ha ha" "I need to call you some thing else" "Like?" "i dont know ha ha but i will come up with it sooner or never lol" "Hey" "Hey what?" "We should watch a scary movie" "I thought you wanted to sleep?" "Nahhh" "Well what do you have in mind" ""ummm well i have a few werewolf movies and oooh this one this one!" "ok" In he popped a werewolf movie...i hate werewolves. It took place in a camp of course. He had to put that in.," im going to the bathroom" "Ok" i walked in and i decided to wash my face when i walked back Nate was gone. "Nate..... Natey..... Nate..... Nathan.....Nathan Snedden this is not funny!!!!!!" Something grabbed my leg from under the bed i screamed and jumped. He came out from under the bed and hugged me "i hate you" "Im sorry i thought it would be funny" "For you yeah for me no" "Well on the bright side its time to leave." "Oh yeah i remember now....who else is going?" "ummm" "Who?" "Jared, Tim, mike, me, you, Joel, and unfortunatley Matt" "Matty Z?" "Yeah" "Why dont you like him?" "He wants you...." "Oh...well he is better than Rahje" "Whats wrong with him" "He is a little hairless pussy lol cock whore and he makes fun of me" "But he is straight" "Little do you know Nate." "Well we will talk about this later we have to pick up Tim forbbiden sites preteen lolita and Joel" "Ok" (great nate, half if not all of these people who are going are either gay, want one of us, or a past that shouldnt be recounted ugh)sorry ive been really busy but i will continue forever and always lol, comments are alwaysed loved.
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